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Friday, February 22 2013 05:59 AM
Calls every week and hangs up on answer
Friday, February 15 2013 01:52 PM
calls everyday, no one speaks,,fed up with it!
Friday, January 25 2013 09:42 AM
Call me and asked me for sex! wtf
Paul H.
Wednesday, December 19 2012 08:17 AM
Same as above. Once a day, two days running. (So far!)
Monday, December 17 2012 10:10 AM
Calls several times a day then hangs up when you speak
Tuesday, October 09 2012 07:53 AM
Calls every week and always hangs up when I answer.
paul brown
Wednesday, October 03 2012 12:14 PM
silent calls, no one on the other end and hangs up when you speak

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